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Poly Furniture

Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

Nordale Woodworking in Otterville, ON offers a wide selection of outdoor poly lawn furniture. We have tables, chairs, gliders and other pieces to improve your home, cottage, office or shop’s exterior.

About Poly Lumber
Poly lumber is derived from post-consumer polyethylene bottle wastes, such as milk and juice containers. This material is cleaned in a decontamination process to a purity level of more than 99% HDPE. Afterward, it is compounded into rigid board stock.

Unlike composite lumber, poly lumber is constructed from more than 90% high-density polyethylene. This material does not contain wood fillers, resulting in a product that will last a lifetime.

Our Selection

All of our furniture is constructed with stainless steel screws, bolts, glider arms, and swivel plates.

Please note that our poly furniture is available in any of the offered colours below, in any combination and come with a standard hold for an umbrella.


Our tables come in many different colours that can match the style of your home, cottage or the uniform of your favourite sports team. NOW OFFERING custom vinyl wrapped poly outdoor furniture! They are chemical-free and do not require any painting or staining.

Our tables are also UV-stabilized, which means that winter storage is not required. They will not crack, split, warp, rot, fade, or promote mildew. They do not absorb water and can dry within minutes.

  • 40” square pub table
  • 40” square dining table 
  • 40” x 70” rectangle dining table 
  • 40” x 70” rectangle pub table 
  • 54” hexagon dining table 
  • 54” hexagon pub table 
  • 40” round dining table 
  • 40” round pub table 


Gliders are available in widths of 4 and 5 feet. Centre consoles are not attached and are available for all 5-foot gliders and swings. You can also mix and match any 2 colours.

  • Fanback glider 
  • Gliding ottoman 
  • Contouredback glider 
  • Contoured gliding settee 
  • 4’ contouredback glider 
  • 5’ countouredback glider 
  • 5’ fanback glider 
  • 4’ fanback glider 


Our chairs are fade-resistant because they contain UV stabilizers. These stabilizers minimize material breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure.

  • Swivel pub chair 
  • Adirondack chair
  • Folding Adirondack chair 
  • Leisure ottoman 
  • Fanback chair 
  • Child’s Adirondack chair 
  • Dining chair 
  • Contouredback chair 
  • Swivel dining chair 
  • Classic dining chair with arms 
  • Classic dining chair without arms 
  • Classic pub chair with arms 
  • Classic pub chair without arms
  • Balcony settee 
  • Adirondack settee 


Our poly swings are reinforced with powder-coated stainless steel “A” frame brackets, which are available in white and clay. They also come with springs and swing hangers.

  • 4’ fanback swing 
  • 5’ fanback swing 
  • 4’ contouredback swing
  • 5’ contouredback swing 

Benches and Picnic Tables

  • 3′ x 6′ picnic table with benches attached
  • 4′ x 5′ picnic table with 2-42″ benches on each end and 2-54″ benches on each side 
  • 5’ park bench 
  • 4’ park bench
  • 3’ x 6’ easy entry picnic table with galvanized legs

Chaise Lounges

Our chaise lounges can be adjusted to 4 different positions which makes them great for lounging by the pool.

Outdoor Furniture Settings

  • Deep cushion love seat 
  • Deep cushion chairs 
  • Coffee table 
  • 5’ daybed 
  • Conversation table 
  • Coffee table 
  • Deep cushion sofa 

Rocking Chairs

  • Plantation rocker
  • Captain table 
  • Bent poly rocker


Earth Tones

Bright Colours

Feel free to come up with any colour combination you can imagine.
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