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Hickory Furniture

Rustic Furniture Pieces for Your Home

If you want your home to have a warm ambience, turn to Nordale Woodworking in Otterville, ON. Our store carries a wide range of durable hickory furniture that can enhance your interior living space.

Intricate Process
We use domestic hickory that is naturally dried for a much-improved appearance. Every stick, slat, branch, and log is carefully chosen from our abundant supply. The wood is dried for 3 to 4 months before it is sent to our kiln to be finish-dried.

After that, we steam-bend each piece into a permanent desired shape. The pieces are then carefully cut and fitted using traditional joinery methods. This extensive process produces elegant masterpieces that will last a lifetime.

Authentic Finish
Over time, the natural colour of the wood will age—a clear sign that the furniture is genuinely produced from hardwood. Hickory furniture pieces are must-have items if you own a cottage or home that is suited for a rustic theme.

About Canadian Hickory
This type of tree is dense, durable, and shock-resistant. Hickory is used for many applications, including furniture and flooring.

Furniture made from hickory is built to last.
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